Get Real Business Results

Being part of Promise is all about getting profitable business …    and giving it to others too.  Here members share just a few accounts of what Promise has done for them and for their customers.



Barr Printers

The Business Situation

A leading Oil & Gas publication was having difficulties with its printing arrangement in terms of reliability, logistics and quality.  This came out during a series of conversations that a member of Promise had with the publication’s editor.  The member recommended the services of Barr Printers in Edinburgh and Fife, and suggested it might be worth meeting Barr to try to gain a different perspective on a complex print and logistics matter.

What happened next

Barr Printers visited the publication and saw at first hand the issues that the publication was experiencing.  A proposal was subsequently presented, and Barr took over the full print and production requirements for the magazine.  Barr’s involvement solved all the issues and provided greater reliability for a publication that is driven by deadlines and by the need to meet advertisers’ requirements in full.

The Result

Barr Printers was awarded a contract which produced over £100,000 of business over a two- year period. 

Testimonial: Kenny Milne – Barr Printers

“I received an introduction to a leading Oil & Gas publication.  It led directly to a contract that brought in over £100,000 worth of business in just over a two-year period. I would never have received the introduction had it not been through my membership of Promise for Business.”



Blue Kite Communications

The Business Situation

Marketing and PR agency Blue Kite Communications was looking for further clients in the energy sector, where it has a particular area of expertise.

What happened next

A member of the group who was active in the sector in terms of asset finance referred a leading supplier of specialist services to the Oil & Gas industry.  The client company was looking to position itself as a highly adaptable and responsive service provider that could come up with and deliver innovative safety solutions ahead of its competitors. 

A warm introduction from the Promise member gave Blue Kite the opportunity to meet the service company and then return with a fully costed out marketing proposal that was based on a full understanding of their requirements.  Options for the full implementation of the plan were also included.

The Result

A contract was won to supply all marketing services on a monthly basis which brought in many thousands of pounds over a three-year period, and which has added to Blue Kite’s energy client portfolio.

Testimonial: Chris Glen – Blue Kite Communications

“Being part of Promise has consistently provided me with good, valuable long-term clients, and each year my membership repays my investment many times over. This deal, and the support work, brought in over £26,000 in the course of one year alone


Alba Beverage Company

The Business Situation

Specialist coffee and refreshments company Alba Beverage was brought in by a Promise member to help their client by supplying the right coffee equipment, training and ongoing after-service. 

What happened next

The client was a large property and surveying company that had a large footfall of private and commercial clients in various branches, and needed to provide coffee and refreshments that fitted with the brand experience for its customers and would also work for their seminars. 

The client was looking for expert advice and guidance, and Alba recommended and assessed various options; a flask system and a bean to cup coffee machine was identified as the best way forward in terms of ease of use, value and quality.

The Result

The property and surveying company has been an ongoing client of Alba Beverage since 2017.

Testimonial: Paula Jones – Alba Beverage

“Promise has been the source of various ongoing contracts to supply from across our full service and product portfolio – with clients ranging from country estates to restaurants, showrooms and business centres.”



Asset Finance Scotland

The Business Situation

Specialist business finance company Asset Finance Scotland received a business introduction from a member of Promise to an engineering group that was looking for finance to allow it to expand.  The engineering company had been in discussions with a high street bank, but had found their terms too onerous as the bank was asking for a very high level of security.

What happened next

Asset Finance Scotland visited the engineering company and looked over the terms that they had been offered.  Some equipment was identified that could be used as part of a surety, and £120,000 of funding was then raised on behalf of the customer to deliver the expansion in a much more manageable way for the business.

The Result

The client got access to the necessary funding as part of a much better deal than would have been available from a high-street bank.  Asset Funding Scotland secured a deal that ran into several thousand pounds of revenue.

Testimonial: Mark Johnston – Asset Finance Scotland

“This deal was a considerable contribution towards my monthly total sales target.  Promise is a great business circle to have around you.  I also see it as a support network of business friends who are specialists in their own area, and people I can call on for a quick piece of advice or a steer on a particular issue.”