We welcome visitors and potential new members, so why not come along to one or two of our meetings to see if Promise is for you?

To visit, or for more information:

Telephone: 078106 47308

Be part of an Edinburgh business group that makes things happen

Promise is all about helping you to get profitable business through the relationships and contacts of the group and by working on client projects together.  But the group is also much more than this.

Be part of a supportive Edinburgh business group that can provide genuine help

Whether you are working in a company or you are working on your own and/or leading your own business, working life can be lonely and isolating.  It can be difficult too to ask colleagues about things or to confide in them when you are working alongside them day in day out.  Being part of Promise can help with all of this.

As business people ourselves, we have almost certainly faced similar issues and the group is a great place in which to get advice from your peers – or simply another perspective on a problem or an opportunity. 

Find the social and be yourself

Promise is also a great antidote to the stresses of business life.  We have regular social events and we also pride ourselves on people feeling good about coming along to our meetings… We want business to be fun and engaging… and we want you to be able to be yourself in a genuinely supportive group of people rather than feeling that you are at yet another business networking group.

How do I join Promise?

Once you have visited Promise a few times, to see if it is for you, you are welcome to apply to be a member.  Applications should be supported by references.  

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